“Should Harriet Tubman be on the $20 Bill”

Exciting Drama “Carry Me Home: Harriet Tubman”
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Should Harriet Tubman be on the $20 Bill. President Trump’s Decision is in the balance.


An exciting short drama is now streaming on PunchFlix — “Carry Me Home: Harriet Tubman.” Which begs the question of Should Harriet Tubman be on the $20 Bill

This highly rated film takes viewers back all the way to the Antebellum South in 1860 where it follows the true story of Maria Ennalsand and her family who are trying to escape slavery and end up meeting the iconic Harriet Tubman. The critically acclaimed film stars Karen Abercrombie, Lindsey Ariel Grimble and Joel Ashur and has received a 9.5 star rating out of 10 on IMDB.

The celebrated leader lead many slaves to freedom in the North and was the most well known “conductor” of the Underground Railroad. Tubman earned the nickname of “The Moses of her people” and still continues to be recognized today as she may become the new face of the American $20 bill.

“In a letter released on Tuesday, the Treasury Department praised Harriet Tubman, a former slave and abolitionist, but made no commitment on whether she would one day be the face of the $20 bill.” But President Donald Trump may not allow it.

PunchFlix is thrilled to be able to stream a film that highlights her courage and strength and is excited to be able to share a significant part of history with its viewers. Not only is “Carry Me Home: Harriet Tubman” based on a true story, it gives audiences a unique look into the life of one of history’s greatest figures.

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