Want To Learn Movie Making

Punchflix Is Starting Classes For People That Want To Learn Movie Making

PunchFlix Studios is now organizing classes for people looking to learn movie making!

Popular TV and movie streaming service PunchFlix Studios is glad to announce that it is now offering classes for people looking to learn moving making and build a career as movie producers, film makers and actors. The training is aimed at newcomers with or without professional industry experience.

PunchFlix Movie Making

PunchFlix studio is taking giant strides in developing their movie production capacities and will use this program to groom the next stars in movie making who will be contributing to television and movie productions for the studio.  PunchFlix is looking to train people in movie making, film editing, how to develop a show, how to build a set, makeup and hair styling, how to work as a broadcast engineer and more.   The company is looking for actors for its upcoming projects.  The training will be a hands-on workshop where individuals can learn about different departments in film and production and develop the skills to function in them.  Aspiring actors will get a chance to display their talents as PunchFlix has a list of TV shows and program slated for production within the year and beyond.


Want To Learn Movie Making

Speaking on this training initiative, PunchFlix’s CEO Joseph Collins says:  “We are delighted with this training program because we want to develop the next set of professional movie makers from the PunchFlix studios”, he continues “We are one of America’s biggest TV studios and have recently completed a state-of-the-art production studio facility which is why we are throwing our doors open to talents who are looking to develop under professional tutelage and with the best facilities and get roles in this thriving sector thereafter”

Individuals interested in taking part in this training program can call 323-489-8119 to book an appointment today or they can visit PunchFlix Studios directly at 11705 Willake Street, Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670 to learn more.

About PunchFlix: PunchFlix Inc. always seeks to provide customers with the best digital movies and television experience. That is why PunchFlix is currently the talk of the marketplace. In line with giving customers the best service possible, PunchFlix Studio has started the “Learn Moving Making” training programme which aims to encourage budding talents to leverage on the platforms success and offerings to develop industry standard film making skills. With hundreds of movie production works outlined, PunchFlix seeks to draft exceptional movie making talents and actors for continued top-notch programming that viewers can never get tired of. With television available for viewing and reward programs to boot, the appeal of PunchFlix will continue to change how consumers choose to enjoy their television experience.

Find out more about PunchFlix at http://punchflix.com or call 323-489-8119 to book

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