PunchFlix Is Paying Independent Work-At-Home Workers To Refer Friends

PunchFlix’s Refer-A-Friend partnership program rewards people for referring their friends

PunchFlix provides its affiliates with tracking, reporting, and prompt monthly payments to gauge referrals real-time.

Popular TV and movie streaming service PunchFlix is glad to announce that it has now started its Refer-A-Friend partnership program that is looking for work-at-home people to sign up on the platform and earn an extra income referring their friends from social media. Everyone has hundreds and thousands of friends across social media, from Facebook, to Twitter, Instagram and so on. PunchFlix’s referral program allows people to make extra money by doing nothing other than driving traffic from these social media platforms to PunchFlix’s website or app through friend invites who must complete their membership sign up and pass the trial period.

In this referral program, participants will be paid $1 for every successful referral and another $1 for every month the member stays on the platform after the trial period has elapsed. To understand further, for each month, 1 sign up earns $1, 5 sign ups earns $5 and 10 sign ups earn $10 and so on. If a participant brings in 100 referrals, that is $100 per month!

PunchFlix Is Paying Independent Work-At-Home

How Does The Referral Program Work?

PunchFlix utilizes several tools in tracking links and determining referrals before paying the fee every month. You can promote PunchFlix by providing a clickable affiliate link to all of your friends on social media.Your referrals will then subscribe to PunchFlix and each qualified sign up is credited to your affiliate account. Each month you will receive a payout and if you friends do same, they get paid as well. Everyone wins in this program!

How To Join?

Once sign up is completed and you are now accepted to the Refer-A-Friend partnership program, you’ll be taken to the partner membership area where you can log in at any time to get your banners and links to post to your social media platforms to start earning money as a PunchFlix Refer-A-Friend partner. Then you can collect your referral fees, and start earning money. Once you have accumulated $100, you will be sent your membership referral fees.The program is free to join and is open to just about anybody. How much you earn is up to you. The more friends you promote your referral links to, the more you have the opportunity to earn!

About PunchFlix

PunchFlix Inc. always seeks to provide customers with the best digital movies and television experience. That is why PunchFlix is currently the talk of the marketplace. In line with giving customers the best service possible, PunchFlix’s rewards them with programs us as the Refer-A-Friend program that allows customers earn money referring friends to the platform. With hundreds of movie titles and more live television streams, PunchFlix showcases top-notch programming that viewers can never get tired of. With television available for viewing and reward programs to boot, the appeal of PunchFlix will change how consumers choose to enjoy their television experience.