Crime Drama Series “Cold Squad” Binge Watch This!

Crime Drama Series “Cold Squad” Comes To Punchflix

Exciting and riveting crime drama “Cold Squad” now showing on PunchFlix PunchFlix now has a new crime drama series “Cold Squad,” a series about Canadian homicide squad’s lone female detective. It  has aired on several channels across the world since then. Now it is back on PunchFlix with more than 50 episodes of the series available for binge watching with family or friends.

Exciting and riveting crime drama “Cold Squad” now showing on PunchFlix

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This drama series showing on PunchFlix is based on the character
Sgt. Ali McCormick (played by Julie Stewart ), a highly efficient and enigmatic female detective on the Canadian Homicide Squad. The squad is seen as the perfect fit for investing cold cases (forgotten crimes that have remain unsolved for some time) because of her special ability to understand the criminal mind and her unrelenting desire to discover the truth.

Sgt. Ali McCormick and her team use their combined intelligence to examine aging evidence, interview witnesses with buried memories and discover fresh clues in pursuit of truth ensuring PunchFlix viewers can binge watch more than 50 episodes at once and never get tired of this enthralling series. Sgt. Ali McCormick tackles difficult cases no one would dare making sure no crime is ever forgotten.

Cold Squad has been nominated in several awards for outstanding directing in a drama series.

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