In the Wake of the Government Shutdown Small Business CEO Asks, “Does President Donald Trump Hate Small Business?”

The impact of the government shutdown on Small Business owners.

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I believe, success is built on the backbone of hard work, dedication and hope. That hope as an American has been the driving force for my plight from homelessness to the CEO of PunchFlix, Inc., while working to seek the American dream. A dream of financial success, entrepreneurship and job creation for others seeking that same dream. Hope means, we have a chance!

America was built because of immigrants coming to this country seeking a better life. A life of freedom with opportunities to create a new world. Sometimes we don’t know how far the ripples of our decisions go. The government shut down is having a ripple affect on the economy, felt by millions of Americans and Small Business owners.

America’s greatest asset is hope! The government shutdown is stealing hope from Small Business owners. Founded on the principle that America could be greater and that we would be afforded the opportunities that the constitution guarantees. A promise that was made by this countries forefathers, a cacophony of different ideas that has come together to make the melting pot called America.

One must applaud the efforts of the President to secure our borders. However, we must also question his methods. Certainly there is no issue in keeping America safe. The concern is in the way that these efforts have affected hard working business owners that are striving to be part of a growing economy.

Punchflix, Inc. is one of many companies that has filed its documents with the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) to sell stock to future investors, with the hope of having the American dream fulfilled. Not only for our company, but as an example for other business owners and investors that seek the same chance for hope.

The SEC is a branch of the government which is also a victim of the current government shut down and it has a great responsibility for the expansion of capital markets.

It’s unknown if the SEC will qualify our stock offer, or if investors will invest in our stock offer after we are qualified, or even if Wall street will accept us. But what we do know, is that if the government is up and functioning, we have hope.

Hope is the intangible, tangible!

As a Small Business owner it is with my utmost concern that I urge Congress & The President of the United States of America to reopen government and restore the confidence in the American Dream!

Joseph Collins
CEO PunchFlix, Inc.

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