Catch Hit TV show “Hollywood Punch Report” on PunchFlix

Daily Hollywood News and movie review show “Hollywood Punch Report” is now showing on PunchFlix.  

To continue providing the best quality shows to its growing viewers, PunchFlix has added a new show called ‘The Hollywood Punch Report”. The Hollywood Punch Report takes a look at all the happenings in Hollywood and beyond, the biggest stars and the latest movie releases. The show features two sections; a news section for viewers who want to keep abreast of the latest events in Hollywood and find out what all their favorite stars are up to. A behind the scenes section showcasing behind the scene footage of some of the best movies on the box office charts currently. 

Hollywood Punch Report

The Hollywood Punch Report is a daily lifestyle program that features stars, food, fun and everything in between. Viewers can catch everything, from the red carpet events to celebrity interviews, record releases and even the most popular wine and dine spots in Los Angeles.

The show which began in 2017 is revamped and is now hosted by Parker Scott, one of Punch TV’s longest serving faces. Having previously starred in hit series on NetFlix’s “The Get Down”, she displays her talents and celebrity knowledge on the show. She is joined by Erika de la Cruz (best-selling author and inspirational speaker) who is the shows news correspondent. Scott and Cruz takes viewers on a behind the scenes ride through all the Hollywood set and stage supplying the inside scoop on everything Hollywood from celebrity gossips and hottest news, shows, music and most importantly. Food!

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About Hollywood Punch Report: Hollywood Punch Report is an American digital media company based in Los Angeles, CA. Hollywood Punch Report focuses on social news, celebrity news, and comedic entertainment. The Studio consists of:

Syndication, merchandising, production, licensing, Broadcasting and Network and music departments.Contact the Hollywood Punch Report on their page for any further questions, comments, or concerns.